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Since 2006, Al Durra has been providing the highest quality of Natural Stone handpicked by the experts from extraction to manufacturing. Our team travels to the deserts, mountains and plains to the ends of the earth to pick the best quality stones from nature’s lap.

Al-Durra is dedicated to fulfill natural stone requirements in best possible quality for construction projects locally as well as globally. Having a huge reputation for our honesty and straightforwardness about our collection and in our business, and our team constantly strives to maintain this faith and reputation in the market.

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Our Journey So Far..

Over the years, Al Durra has earned and maintained its pride in the market for its best possible collection of exquisite natural stones. From luxury hotels, to shopping malls and corporate offices, we have provided our services to almost every sphere in recent years. Al Durra also provides selected cut-to-size projects, furnished beautifully in our manufacturing units for commercial and residential buildings.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Precision Processing and Calibration

Our processing units use state-of-the-art machinery to ensure perfect calibration.

Expert Stone Diggers - Digging The Finest

Right from the mining process, we ensure our products be in the finest quality to make your buildings look more luxe.

State of the art equipment - Better Durability

Be it mining, storage, cutting or transportation, we use latest available technology to ensure your beloved marble stays safe like in nature's lap.

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Quality Control

From extraction to manufacturing till delivery of shipment, our products are thoroughly tested and inspected for quality.

Material Selection

Our selection process is quite strict and regulated by master artisans in the industry for proper categorization and bringing exclusive choices.

Honest business practices

Our team strives to grow and maintain an honest relationship with our suppliers, stockists, dealers and retailers.

From Manufacturing To Delivery

We Ensure Quality Shouldn't Be Compromised

Our Inspiration

Gaining Expertise - Delivering Quality

Customizing According To Customer’s Needs.

450+ Clients

Al Durra is the largest importer of first quality natural stone and engineered products. We carry a wide selection of materials suitable for interior and exterior, and introduce to the market leading brands and innovations.

Sustainability, quality, beauty and innovation drives us to be ahead of market trends and to fulfill every project vision.

Whether you are in the stone industry and looking for a business-based relationship with our company as a stockist, dealer or retailer or an end user, you will benefit from our preparation and detailed work to bring you the best in natural stone products.

Marble Sources

Delivering Satisfaction Is Our Passion.

Best & Perfect

While natural stone still remains the root of Al Durra’s existence, we pride ourselves in all of the materials we have grown to represent. From natural stone, to porcelain, on to terrazzo, glass, quartz, concrete, wood and many more, we have had the privilege of being a part of some of the most prestigious projects around the world. From residential to commercial, Al Durra’s portfolio continues to grow and making us leaders in market when it comes to supplying the industry with current trends and innovative products.


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